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The Volsinii are a race of humans from P7J-989.


Sometime in the distant past Goa'uld brought Volsinii to their current home world from Earth. Earliest legends talk about Karun, dark god of the underworld, and how he took them from their homeland pan in " Eye of the Underworld", to work in his cities as slaves. No one knew the cause of the colony on P7J -989, but considering the planet's lack of resources or strategic importance, it is more likely that Karun used it for research. Styling themselves after the Etruscan god of the dead, Goa'uld ruled over them for centuries. Finally, a large "War of Gods" resulted in his overthrow. It is not known if Volsinii liberated themselves or another rival System Lord made war with Karun, but evidence suggest the latter. Whatever the cause, destroyed the energies unleased in fight everything within a hundred kilometers from the Karun city. World unusable and surviving Goa'uld abandoned it to its fate. The survivors buried "Eye of the Underworld", and built new lives for themselves.

1022 years after Karun's Shroud over the planet for when Volsinii has reentered, most of them left the safety dome and started building a new town nearby, using Keeper and SGC . The new community, Nuvelzna (New Velzna) is named after their first capital, were destroyed in the War of the Gods. The construction is a series of domes that blend of woods and gardens in a harmony that makes even Keeper happy. (RPG: "Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two") (SG1: "The Gamekeeper")

Volsinii became allies with Tau'ri which gave them a virtual reality pod to do research on. (SG1: "Avatar")

References and notesEdit

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