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This episode is part 2 of 3; it is preceded by "Politics" and followed by "The Serpent's Lair".

"Within the Serpent's Grasp" is the twenty-second episode and the season finale of the first season of Stargate SG-1.


With the Stargate Program having been shut down yet again following Senator Kinsey's visit, SG-1 face a race against the clock and must disobey their superiors as they battle to stop Apophis and Apophis's son, Klorel from attacking and destroying Earth.


Senator Robert Kinsey has shut down the Stargate program. Major General George S. Hammond went to him twice and the second time he was thrown out of Kinsey's office. He then went to the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, even the President of the United States himself; but it would be political suicide for any of them to override the Senate Appropriations Committee.


SG-1 in the empty Control Room.

Knowing that the slaughter that took place in There But for the Grace of God could happen in this reality, Dr. Daniel Jackson convinces his team members to violate orders. They then arm themselves, activate the Stargate and travel to the home of the Destroyers.

They find themselves in a large room and at first don't know on which planet they are. Exploring the room, they however find an until now unknown type of Goa'uld small hand weapon named Zat'nik'tels, which they take with them. Suddenly there is a strong movement and all the members of the team (except Teal'c) are thrown back. Hidden doors open and SG-1 hide as Jaffa march in. They bow before the Stargate as a large ball rises into the center of it. The Jaffa leave.

After they've gone, Teal'c explains the ball is a Goa'uld Long range visual communication device.


SG-1 discover that they're in hyperspace.

SG-1 soon discover they have gated not to a planet but to a Goa'uld mothership which was in orbit of a planet. It launched into hyperspace towards Earth after their arrival, cutting off escape.

On Earth, Major Louis Ferretti is ordered to bring them back, officially for court-martial, but because the ship jumped into hyperspace they also can't go through the gate.

Within The Serpent's Grasp

Serpent Guards patroling the hallways of Apophis' Ha'tak.

SG-1 hid in the Death Glider bay and realizes they are on an attack ship headed to Earth. They also notice that Jaffa are heading to a gathering.


Klorel (Skaara), Apophis's "son" and the leader of the ship.

Sneaking back into the cargo room, they watch a large meeting in which they overhear Apophis state that they are getting closer to Earth before Apophis unveils his son, Klorel (Skaara), the leader of this ship until Apophis rejoins them.

Colonel Jack O'Neill orders Captain Samantha Carter and Daniel to plant C-4 all over the ship while he and Teal'c grab Klorel, in the hope that Skaara can fight the Goa'uld within him.

Back at the SGC, Hammond, having realized that Daniel was right all along orders that the SGC prepare for a possible assault from the Goa'uld and also from space.

They capture Klorel but Skaara is able to assert control only briefly after one painful shot from a Zat gun (two shots kill). He says sorry to O'Neill since he feels responsible for Klorel's doings but then the Goa'uld takes back control. When guards enter they surrender rather than kill Klorel, who then brings the two into the cargo room and contacts his father. Apophis is pleased, and orders Teal'c's and O'Neill's immediate execution. When asked if there are other humans aboard, Klorel makes a typical Goa'uld mistake of overconfidence, declaring "I assure you, father. There could be no more."

Skaara seemingly exerts some influence, as Klorel disobeys his father's orders and delays their execution, bringing them to the Pel'tak (bridge) to witness the destruction of Earth. Carter sets a timer on the bombs, and she and Daniel try to free their friends.

They successfully take out the guards but then Klorel grabs Daniel, knocks the gun out of his hands, and uses a Kara kesh on him, intending to kill Daniel.

When Klorel doesn't stop, O'Neill is forced to kill Klorel/Skaara.


SG-1 on Apophis's ship.

Looking through the window, they see Earth while the Death Gliders prepare for launch and as the camera pans out, a second ship is seen.



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Notable QuotesEdit

Teal'c: (at the fourth wall) If the coordinates are for a Goa'uld world which is not on the Abydos cartouche, the Goa'uld will most likely not expect us. I believe a medical attack could be successful.
O'Neill: Surgical attack, Teal'c. It's called a surgical attack.

O'Neill: (referring to a group of Jaffa) I always get a happy, tingly feeling when I see those guys.

Jackson: (staring at a huge floating sphere) Teal'c, What is this?
Teal'c: It is a Goa'uld long range visual communication device. Somewhat like your television, only much further advanced.
O'Neill: Ya think it gets Showtime?

O'Neill: (trapped on a Goa'uld starship) I suggest the two of you figure out how get us back home.
Carter: Sir, the only way to do that would be to turn this thing around and go back to where we started.
Jackson: Right, I'll just go tell the pilot...

O'Neill: (confronting a Jaffa) Hey! How're ya doing? Ah, seen a bathroom around here?


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  • Teal'c introduces Zat'nik'tels and how they operate. (This is one of the few uses of the zat-disintegration property before it is discarded by the producers.) Previously, the only Goa'uld hand-held weapons known to the Tau'ri (and the viewer) were the much longer Staff weapons.
  • Skaara/Klorel were originally supposed to die in this episode when O'Neill shot him, however, after many fans expressed a dislike for Skaara's death, they used computer generating technology to put an image of Skaara/Klorel into a scene where he had not originally been filmed, making it appear that Skaara got off the Mothership safely.
  • Assuming that Captain Samantha Carter's estimate of the length of the trip at 10 light-years is correct, and very generously assuming that SG-1 spent six hours on the ship during this episode, that would mean that a Goa'uld Ha'tak is capable of speeds up to at least 14,600 times the speed of light (possibly up to 87,600 times light speed if the trip only lasted an hour).
  • Mike Dopud appears as an unnamed Serpent guard near the end of the episode as one of the Jaffa firing at SG-1.
  • This episode also reveals that General Hammond is left-handed.


  • When SG-1 sent the MALP through onto the Ha'tak, Captain Samantha Carter states that the destination is dark and that she is "switching to infrared." The surroundings then become visible. Since inanimate objects generally do not give off heat of their own (unless they contain a power source of some sort), this wouldn't show the surroundings and the view would remain dark. What Carter should have said was something like, "switching to night-vision" which amplifies existing, very dim, light. However this should not even be necessary as other episodes have shown that an active Stargate can provide ample light for the surrounding area. This is also confirmed a few minutes later when the Stargate is activated from the destination side by the team. The gate gives off plenty of light to see by.
    • "Switching to infrared" could also mean night-vision, since it uses near infra-red wavelengths to illuminate the scene, yet the light is outside of the visible spectrum while still visible to camera sensor. Many security cameras employ this functionality, as well as some consumer grade digital cameras and camcorders
  • At the 17:40 mark, when Captain Samantha Carter collapses her Zat'nik'tel, there is no sound effect at all. The same happens at 17:48 mark, after Teal'c disintegrates the Jaffa guard.
  • When Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c first go to rescue Skaara, he tries to attack O'Neill using his Kara kesh. Teal'c restrains Skaara/Klorel's hands to prevent him from being able to use it. When O'Neill shoots Skaara/Klorel he no longer has his Kara kesh. Later in the scene when Klorel goes to communicate with Apophis he is again wearing the Kara kesh. However, this is easily explained because the scene changes from one room (the bridge) to another (the gate/communication room). It can be assumed that, after being rescued by the Jaffa, Klorel picked up his Kara kesh between the time of Jack getting stunned and Klorel and the group going to communicate with Apophis.



Other LanguagesEdit

  • French : Dans Le Nid Du Serpent (In the Serpent's Nest)
  • German: Die Invasion, Teil 3 (Invasion, Part 3)
  • Italian: L'Incubo Si Avvera (The Nightmare Comes True)
  • Spanish: A Merced De la Serpiente (At the Serpent's Mercy)
  • Czech: V Sevření Hada (In the Serpent's Grasp)
  • Hungarian: A kígyó szorításában (Within the Serpent's Grasp)
  • Polish: W uścisku węża (In the Serpent's Grasp)

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