Wland is a planet in the Pegasus galaxy whith a Stargate. The planet is inhabited by a Human race known as the Wlander. The planet had a great city that now lies in ruins and the inhabitants now live in several villages outside the city. In 2009, a Wraith attack on Wland destroyed the city while also culling several of the residents. The Wraith also burned the fields near the Stargate as part of Queen Death's new policy. The Atlantis expedition sent Doctors Jennifer Keller and Carson Beckett who ran a clinic to help the people who had been hit hard with a sickness after the Wraith attack. While they were there, Genii forces led by Sora Tyrus came to offer their aid, but clashed with the people from Atlantis. Although the stand-off ended peacefully, the Genii stole Keller and Beckett's medical supplies. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")