The Woard were genetically engineered Wraith/Human hybrids that were modified with the DNA of an unknown species by the hands of the Ancients of the City-ship Admah. They were created were bred in laboratories in the lower levels of the city and born from genetic samples available in order to serve as warriors for gladitorial combat where the ruling decadent Ancients placed bets on the winner. Whilst bred from Wraith DNA, the creatures were much larger and had features that marked it different from the Iratus bug.

Despite that, the Woard possessed the same hunger as the Wraith though lacked the telepathic consciousness making it little more than a feral creature that only had fighting instincts. It was known that there were in fact multiple Woard as any time a gladiator killed one of these beasts; another one was bred by Admah's scientists to be ever stronger, larger and more powerful than its predecessor.

When John Sheppard's team arrived, Teyla Emmagan was pitted against the First Woard, an undefeated beast that had never been harmed before. While combatants are always given weapons with special properties designed to combat the creatures, they only worked properly for someone with the ATA gene so Teyla was at a disadvantage. However, she managed to kill the First Woard without the aid of her sword's special properties though she was mistakenly presumed dead in the process. A Woard that was in the form of a dragon later took on Doctor Rodney McKay. With the ATA gene allowing McKay to use the weapon he was given, a lance, properly and guided by a heads-up-display in his armor, McKay was able to kill the dragon. However, as the dragon fell, its tail flung McKay through a wall, apparently killing him. Unknown to those watching, McKay was wearing an Ancient personal shield emitter and survived the blow.

All the Woard were wiped out when Admah plunged into its sun and was destroyed. (SGA: "Brimstone")

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