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Ember was one of the many Wraith that invaded the Midway space station. The wraith and his Commander, along with many wraith troops were stationed on the arid planet M4F-788. At his commander behest, he activated a device that allowed the first wave of Wraith to invade Midway, without any security restrictions. He went along with his commander and the second wave of Wraith. Upon their arrival to Midway he took control of Midway's control center and attempted to dial Earth, but it was not possible, due to a lock-out command. The technician tried to hack the code but couldn't. His commander fed on Scott Dempster to gain the code. The wraith manage to dial Earth and successfully invade Stargate Command. Later Lt. Colonel John Sheppard manage to infiltrate the space station along with reinforcements, and rapidly makes his way to the control room. The Wraith technician is shot by Sheppard, but ultimately survived and was taken into Todd's Hive Ship by Bonewhite.

During the final battle with Queen Death, Ember saves the life of Doctor Radek Zelenka, taking fatal injuries in the process. To repay the favor, Zelenka, who has taken a new retrovirus that allows the Wraith to feed without killing the human, allows Ember to feed on him to save his life. According to Ember, this has established a connection between the two of them. He later aided Atlantis in stopping a plastic-eating bacteria that was mutated from a common Wraith cleaning tool. Afterwards, Ember and Doctor Daniel Jackson spoke about the differences in human and Wraith cultures. (SGA: "Midway", "Legacy: Homecoming", "Inheritors", "The Third Path")

Behind the scenesEdit

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