Astrographical information

Milky Way

Societal information

Uninhabited (present, destroyed) Goa'uld, Xalótcan (past)

Under control of

None (present, destroyed) Goa'uld, Xalótcan (past)

Out of universe information

"City of the Gods"

Xalótcan designated M4D-376 of Tau'ri and was a moon in Milky Way galaxy which had a Stargate.


Moon went into orbit around a gas giant called Metztli. The landscape on the moon consisted of frozen chips and smaller volcanos and glaciers.


Omeyocans bring a group of people from Earth to the moon by Crystal skull, but when Goa'uld discovered the moon they brought there Aztecs. Aztecs killed the entire population and took over the moon and built their civilization there.

Fifty years earlier, Goa'uld was mining naquadah and abandoned the moon when they did not find more. In 2005 was SG-10 and another team on the moon to conduct a geological survey of geothermal naquadah. SG team he had to leave the moon when several earthquakes wounded the team. Moon was formerly inhabited by people who have ancestry of Aztecs. Goa'uld arrived back to the moon to testify when the locals would sacrifice to their goddess. The moon was about to leave his career and break apart, and only 250,000 of the people managed to get to another world by Crystal skull by SG-1. (SG1: "City of the Gods")

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